Yesterday your kid was a kid. Not anymore!

It seems to come out of nowhere, at least to the first-time parent of an adolescent. You’ve done your part: you’ve loved, sheltered, fed, clothed, protected, and taught him.You’ve upheld your end of the parenting bargain. Bravo! But when change and transition to adolescence strikes quickly, it can come as quite a shock.

6 Online Sessions

We believe in you! This is a completely doable course! 6 online sessions of about 10-15 minutes. Each video is warm, personal with solid content each round out the course.

Get Discussion Going

Half of the battle is just getting discussion started! The videos will prompt you to talk about each of the concepts with thoughtful questions and conversation starters with each video.

Share it As a Small Group

If you want to purchase the "church license" you can share the course with as many parents as you want! For the price of just 3 individual courses you can open it up to your whole ministry!

Purchase the Course That's Right For You:

Want to buy the course just for you and your spouse? Maybe buy a one-time license that's good for your whole ministry! Looking for the course in Spanish? We've got you covered with several options below:

Why You Should Take This Course

Parenting teenagers is one of the biggest challenges parents face. New realities make becoming independent more difficult. Teens are traveling a different road and are moving at a different pace than those of previous generations. Today's cultural environment is more complicated and confusing than ever.


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