An incredible tune up for your marriage!

Some things you can learn before the wedding. However, most of the skills required for a long-term, healthy marriage are learned in the first few years of marriage. Many couples enter marriage thinking, We love each other and we are going to make each other happy. However, when they come down off the emotional high of the “in love” experience, they find they are not always inclined to “make each other happy.”


6 Online Sessions

We believe in you! This is a completely doable course! 6 online sessions of about 10-15 minutes. Each video is warm, personal with solid content each round out the course.

Get Discussion Going

Half of the battle is just getting discussion started! The videos will prompt you to talk about each of the concepts with thoughtful questions and conversation starters with each video.

Share it As a Small Group

If you want to purchase the "church license" you can share the course with as many couples and small groups as you want! For the price of just 3 individual courses you can open it up to your whole ministry!

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Want to buy the course just for you and your spouse? Maybe buy a one-time license that's good for your whole ministry! Looking for the course in Spanish? We've got you covered with several options below:

Why You Should Take This Course

The truth is, marriage cannot be simulated. It is a covenant relationship in which we proclaim privately and publicly that we will stand by each other in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, and we will keep our relationship exclusive, so long as we shall live. It is a sobering commitment which brings great security for the couple who takes their vows seriously. However, working out the daily details can be tricky.

I have never met a couple who got married intending to make each other miserable. Yet, my office and those of other counselors are filled with couples who are very unhappy. The reality is, we must learn how to create a loving, caring, supportive relationship. It does not happen simply by doing “what comes naturally. Jim Burns

Chapter 1: One Marriage, Many Drifts, Thousands of Course Corrections
Chapter 2: Happiness Is a Choice

Chapter 3: Laugh Daily and Date Weekly
Chapter 4: Slow Down

Chapter 5: Celebrate Differences
Chapter 6: Choose the Positive

Chapter 7: Fight Fear

Chapter 8: Have Great Sex
Chapter 9: Enjoy Your Baby

Chapter 10: Keep Your Promise


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